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First Week of Work in the Real World – Done!

First week down and looking forward to many more!

My first week of work has been filled with so many revelations! Here are three:

  • Commuting to NYC from NJ isn’t as bad as I thought.
  • There’s this misconception that New Yorkers are rushed, loud, and mean. So far, that hasn’t been proven to be correct. I actually think New Jerseyans are louder. Ha!
  • NY is super expensive… take for example – something as basic as a cup of coffee. I paid about $3+ for a small iced coffee, whereas in NJ, I’d pay that fora large. This, too, has a lot of factors playing into it – my location, the store, etc.

While I won’t talk about the kind of work I do, for privacy reasons, I will talk about my first week involving the people I’ve met and my first week’s impressions of the facility inc comparison to what I’ve experienced in the past.

The people are amazing. They were welcoming and most of all, kind. At my old job (in which I was at for eight whole years), pre-graduation, I was miserable and this new job confirmed why.  I walked into the building toured the place, and once I started actually working, started to notice a cohesiveness in the company as a whole:

  • Employees knew their roles and did it well.
  • Everyone was responsible for their own roles, so there is nobody else to point the finger at. Accountability, finally!
  • This was nothing like the small business I worked at prior. This place was well up-to-date on its facilities and especially technology!
  • There is an amazing tech team consisting of about 10 people who also have experience in, or at least an idea about integrating technology and education.
  • The teachers and staff wholly believe in the place, and eventually end up sending their own kids there.
  • The teachers and staff are treated so well that they actually like (even love) their jobs – some have even been there so long, that they end up retiring there!
  • There are amazing employee incentives. Some include: free breakfast and [amazingly delicious gourmet] lunches, paid vacations, accessibility to technology, etc.

I find it necessary to include the quality of [work] life, because it is something completely new to me – being given work that’s mine and and only mine. At my old place, I wore a ton of different kind of hats that didn’t belong to me, and in turn, if something was left undone, I was accountable, too. Also, at my old place, the employees weren’t happy. During my last few days there, employees would suggest how they couldn’t wait to have their window of opportunity, either. Sad, sad, sad.

Now here’s the best part of my new job. It blew me away. The bosses. There are three principals – one for each division, and a head boss, the School Director. I can’t emphasize enough, how relived I was when I met them. They were so kind. I put an emphasis on kind because I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced genuinely kind leaders in the workplace before (that, we just weren’t a good match). They’re also so competent and knowledgeable, which really amazed me they aren’t just there to approve or disapprove tech, programs, etc. They approve or disapprove because they know about a product. They don’t just go off on a whim based on word of mouth.

It was also safe to say that while I was working all week, I really missed Pugsley. Another perk of the job is the consistent workdays – I leave everyday no later than 4 p.m., so I make it home early enough to spent some QT with Pugs (you’ll all see this often. Its one of his nicknames).

Spending some QT on this quiet Sunday. ❤

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