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Stamp the Moment Review & An Update on the Pup!

Hey all!

I’ve been gone a while, but I’m glad to be back to review Stamp the Moment locket necklaces! So I found this Groupon for Stamp the Moment. If you’ve never heard of it before, its something similar to Origami Owl locket necklaces. These lockets are clear glass, with a metal (usually silver, but other options include yellow gold, rose gold, and black) frame. You purchase these teeny tiny charms to place in these lockets separately, and are actually quite affordable. Wait for it pup lovers…the charms I purchased are pupperific!

Because the deal, $18 for the locket and two charms of your choice, was so good, I bought it on an impulse. I didn’t go onto the website before purchasing the Groupon, which I later regretted. Shipping was free, but taxes brought it to $20 even. So here’s the deal – The STM website definitely needs a professional upgrade. The format and graphics were really… cheap motel-ish. The photography on the website seemed amateur, therefore giving the charms a cheap lackluster appearance.

I stopped for a second, realizing that this was similar to the Origami Owl trend.  Their bright and expertly built website made me really start doubting my Groupon purchase. The difference between the two are dramatic – website, presentation, price, etc. Here are some noticeable differences: aside from just website appearance:

  • Origami Owl locket necklaces cost significantly more, but choosing a piece to hold your charms has to be an investment, I guess. Also, the size of your locket really dictates how many charms you can put in them.
  • STM Charms cost less. They’re $3.99 each compared to the $5/charms from Origami Owl. Hey, that extra dollar makes a huge difference at checkout!
  • The actual necklace (chain) that comes with the STM locket isn’t as nice as the Origami Owl chain. That said, Origami Owl also has much nicer, fancier options for chains.
  • STM has the same offerings as Origami Owl – chains, lockets (various shapes! Round, Heart, and some other ones, I believe), plates (they’re little metal plates with images or words that you place in your locket to act as some kind of backdrop. Fancy.)
  • Origami Owl has nothing on STM when it comes to charms. STM has limited charms, and some of them can be tacky. Think, “I ❤ my man.”

I chose the round locket that was offered with the Groupon – in silver – and two of the cutest charms – the gold schnauzer and the paw print. Upon arrival, I was nervous, praying that my Groupon-impulse-buy wasn’t in vain. When I opened it, I was actually surprised! The locket was just as shiny as the ones on Origami Owl and the charms just as nice.

Used the penny as a size reference. Look how teeny the charms are!
Sorry for the bad photo quality! Terrible lighting at my current setting!

Overall, my anxiety about putting $20 into a lesser-known brand was unnecessary. I love the charms and locket. When I decide to expand my charm collection and change the chain, I’ll probably go to Origami Owl for the wider selection, but having saved $25+ on this statement piece, I’m satisfied!

Work – my new job – started off at 15 mph and has sped up to 100 mph! The girl who I replaced was able to overlap with me for two weeks, and I’ve done two weeks on my own. Once I started on my own, I really started to own the position – I’ve gotten comfortable in my tiny office space (hey, real estate is expensive in NYC!) and even made it my own by hanging up a few pieces of art I took with me from my old job! Also, since summer camp started (my division has nothing o do with them, they just use our space), I’ve made a special new friend! A little boy whose rainbow drawing I accepted and pinned to my wall. Every other day since then, he’s been dropping off special little pieces of art for me to hang up. I absolutely love it. Today marks my last day of work, as I begin my four weeks of paid vacation once I click publish!

And for you pup lovers out there, Pugsley and I have been doing great, though he’s due for a bath! I’ve been feeling really bad in the morning as he’s actually tried tugging at my feet when I’ve tried to leave! I hate knowing he gets lonely, but someone’s got to buy the kibble. We’ve also discovered the television series Nurse Jackie! We (yes, Pugsley watches it with me!) watch it on the bed, on my ipad, while his dad catches up on video games on the big screen!

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll be back to document me and Pugsley’s glorious four weeks together, including an upcoming stay (for him) with my parents and family pet, Lucy, while we go on a staycation at Atlantic City!

Here’s a little #fbf (Flashback Friday) action for you all! This was a whole year ago! Ah! I can’t take it!



2 thoughts on “Stamp the Moment Review & An Update on the Pup!”

  1. A scottie charm!
    Am I reading that right? You’ve been working for four weeks and now you get a four week vacation? Where do I sign up? He used to work on E44th, very close to Grand Central Station.


    1. Yes! I LOVE IT! I have to change the chain, though! It feels too short.

      I’m working in the city, at a private school in the west village. Contract is June 2014-June 2015. I don’t think they wanted me to take that break next June as the end of the year can be hectic. On the other hand, this is the end of the year for my other coworkers.


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