Preparing for a Staycation… without Pugsley!

Hey all!

I’ve been mentally preparing Pugsley and myself for a staycation. The significant other and I are going to be heading to Atlantic City for the weekend. We’re staying at the Showboat, which is pet friendly, and I wouldn’t at all have thought twice to pay an extra few bucks to be able to bring him with me.

Here’s my deal with pet-friendly lodging – I often worry that my very sheltered pup may catch something from previous guests and their pups. It didn’t help either that while I was on Yelp, some Yelper posted photos of bug bites on their legs, yucky carpeting, etc. – okay, you may be wondering why I’d even consider staying in a place like Showboat after seeing such photos and reading crappy reviews. Well, folks. I have to say, I’m familiar not only with Yelp, but also deciphering reviews. I get it. Some places have incidences where the carpets are dirty – drunk people mak their way through those hotel corridors everyday. Bug bites? It really could have been from anywhere, and I’m not discrediting the Yelper who posted those photos or made those claims, but those bug bites could have originated from anywhere. And some compliaints, they’re just petty. Either way, Pugsley will not be going. I dont’ want to test the bug theory on him.

As for me, I couldn’t really pass up on a discounted (I found a promo code online) hotel regardless of what a few people had to say. I’ll have to pray to the bug gods to stay bug-free. lol, really. Plus, I had good memories in the Showboat. And they’re closing on August 31st. Its my last chance to experience this tackily NOLA themed hotel and casino.

Anyway, as I’ve made clear, we won’t be taking Pugsley, and it makes me really sad. I’m already becoming a little anxious about leaving him for two nights, and while my parents are great dog sitters, they’re very different dog owners from myself – they definitely don’t co-sleep with Lucy, so they won’t even think about letting Pugsley sleep in their bed. Although, I’m not sure if he would want to, anyway. The last time I left him with them, they told me that he cried and howled most of the night. Super super sad to hear.

This trip, I’ll be leaving him with his favorite marrow bone and  bed, along with basics like some kibble, his food and water bowls, etc. I hope its enough to hold down his little heart. Any advice on this separation anxiety we both feel?


4 thoughts on “Preparing for a Staycation… without Pugsley!”

  1. Closing in the summer? That’s different. When a casino in Nevada bites the dust, it closes promptly at midnight at New Year. New Year’s Eve is the biggest event for them and you might as well take advantage of it. There’s no warning-it’s just shut down before midnight because if you’re open past then, you owe your annual gov’t fee to be able to run.


      1. I know, I spent my childhood summers in Atlantic City, but it is what it is. So many events have lead up to this – Sandy, especially, then a huge boardwalk fire right after the rehab of the shore. Also, I guess after gambling was made possible online, the drive to South Jersey seemed arduous. Its unfortunate.


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