Pugsley had a seizure.

Pugsley had a seizure yesterday.

It seems like a normal day – I spent  most of the mornig cuddled up next to him, and out of nowhere, he jumped off the bed, sat under the computer chair, and just started seizing. I was so confused and definitely terrified – I didn’t know what was happening, until I stopped to recall friend recently posted on her Facebookpage that her dog was having cluster seizures, and thought to myself, “holy shitballs, he’s having a seizure.” I cried, of course, and talked him through it the best I could.

He was mildly shaking, trying to stand and come toward me, but couldn’t get the footing to do so. He was also looking at me with this look, like he was asking for help, in confusion. One eye looked like it was straining and the other begged for help. It lasted for less than a minute, but it felt like forever. He snapped back to normal, without a hallucination/”recovery” phase. He was chipper and bouncing around happily.

I anxiously did some quick googling – what to do during and after. Most of the info was consistent – move your dog out of harm’s way, talk him through it, call your vet, etc. With a heavy heart, I called  the vet. Being that our vet is a busy chain, Banfield, it took me forever to get to anyone. It was almost as if time was stopping.  Eventually, I spoke to some professionals, who gave me hope – they said the symptoms I described sounded like a stroke, but a mild one – his responsiveness, pink gums, not losing his bowels, his ease at bouncing back or not going through a hallucinatory phase, etc. They also told me that because this was his first seizure, there’ not much they can go off of and that I should keep a log of when these happen – longer seizures being emergencies and a sign to take him in immediately. I was almost angry that they didn’t want to see him, but I also understood that my emotions were speaking through the anger and that they are professionals.

When I came to the realization that his symptoms were barely recognizale, I felt a pain in my gut – time out – has this happened before, without my knowing? While I was at work? While we were fast asleep? I panicked and broke down into tears. I even considered getting a Dropcam. And then I gathered myself, realizing that how could a camera catch something I barely caught on to? If I were to ever view through my ipad, computer, phone or even play back recording, it would just look like he’s hunched over, trying to pass a bowel. I calmed myself without considering the Whistle Activity Monitor, only to read that they’re still in the early stages of advancing their technology to pick up seizure algorithms.

I stopped and was just thankful that he was fine, for now. I reminded myself that instead of panicking, and worrying, its my job to care for him – to be stronger than he was after that seizure. I plan on brushing up on Canine First Aid, so that in the future, if anything were to happen, I can identify the signs or properly care for him. Pugsley is doing fine – he’s his normal self, thank goodness.




2 thoughts on “Pugsley had a seizure.”

  1. The peeps had a Westie rescue mix (found wandering by I-280 just south of SF) who had “episodes”. He lived to be almost 18 and used to snap out of them. The next morning he was fine until the one where he wasn’t but he was probably over 17. It’s frightening, but not necessarily tragic.


    1. Thank you for the encouraging words, Kyla. Seriously, I’m comforted by your reply. He’s much better and I’m hoping that episode was a one and done kind of thing. I just love this rugrat so much.


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