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About that Staycation…

In the midst of Pugsley’s seizure, I completely forgot to talk about our staycation.

Let me start off by saying, gambling has nothing to do with luck. Its all about chance, losing has all too much to do with self-restraint. You can’t lose if you have self-restraint and thank goodness I had some of that and not enough liquor! Needless to say, the stay was great. Leaving Pugsley, not so much. 

We barely made it out of the front door (he was in his crate) when he began yelping, crying and barking profusely. I let him out of his crate before I opened the front door, and he was so anxious that he peed all over me and my cousin who was coming along for the trip.

My parents live no more than 10 blocks away from us. We put Pugsley and his crate in the car, and it was just a mess. He cried, barked, yelped, etc. I couldn’t get him to calm down. He didn’t stop until 20 minutes after he got situated at my parents’ house. And my poor parents… they told me that it wasn’t a big deal, but he definitely did not get along with their dog, Lucy. It was really weird, because they’ve gotten along before. Somehow, he must have been too much for her, as she was a little annoyed by him. When I picked him up, he ran into my arms and cried. Yes, he cried. I’ve never heard him do that before – none of that high pitched yelping – it sounded deep, and child-like, sounding almost like when a kid is fake-crying. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Pugsley occupies a specific space in the house, and while he’s allowed to wander, he doesn’t like to. He goes crazy when he leaves “his space” and just gets too excited and too anxious.

Traveling with him for those measly few blocks was inconvenient. Leaving him was stressful for the both of us. Although it was only overnight, I’m sure my parents had a tough time with him. That said, I’ve purchased a Thundershirt. I’m waiting for it to arrive so I can try it out. I also purchased Bach’s Rescue Remedy as I’ve read about it here and there. I like that it sounds like a safe homeopathic-esque option. Again, I’ll check for results and will definitely blog about it further. 

I hope I can help Pugsley out with his over-excitement and anxiety. I know what it feels like as a human to suffer from severe anxiety and hate seeing him get the way he does. The simplest things set him off – stepping off the porch, car rides (now… this came out of nowhere. He used to be okay with car rides), going onto the deck in the back yard, new people, etc. I hope these products I purchased offer some relief!


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