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And We’re BACK!

So, after a long break from WordPress, I’m back, and with so much to tell!

School has started and I’m noticing the calm, quiet, and laid back atmosphere has completely changed! At every turn, there are kids – chatty, curious, inquiring kids. It’s something I had to get used to. At my old place, it was mostly crying and whining. Ya know, little kids. Infants and toddlers.

This place has big kids. Big, big kids! It’s kind of interesting to see how these big kids react to me. If they’re not almost as big as me (I’m 4’9″, a fun-sized adult), they’re hovering over me. I’ve gotten questions like, “are you a grown up?” Or “how come you’re small like me?” Of course, most of these questions come from the kindergarteners. It’s also awkward, as the lower school (fours-first grade) shares the other half of the building with the middle school. I’ve gotten strange looks from middle schoolers trying to figure out in who’s world I belong in – theirs or their teachers. Awkward indeed.

I’ve come to love the West Village – yes, I’m also really bent on learning how to decipher NYC and it’s neighborhoods. Or at least how to not sound like a a New Jerseyan when referring to places like the Upper West/East side, downtown, etc. You get it. One of my favorite things about the neighborhood has to be the food. Seriously. The West Village is a little maze, where if you make the right turn, there’s delicious food. I’ve discovered some amazing (and cheap!) Vietnamese, a delicious SF style taco place, a breakfast sandwich spot, delish coffee, and lastly, a spot for some unbeatable apple cider donuts. Did I mention, I’ve never liked apple cider donuts before? Ah, I’m really new to this side of the river, and I’m starting to like it a lot. Although, I have to add that colleagues have warned me that the charm is really limited to the West Village. Apparently, it’s not as quaint in other parts of Manhattan.

Here’s a photo a little girl drew of me and Pugs. We don’t have spots, but I guess that was her thing.


On to the news that gets me major hits. Pugsley’s been doing well. He’s actually recovering from a bout of GI issues. He got really sick, vomiting, lethargic for two days until our home remedies of bland food and Pepcid AC didn’t work. *TMI ALERT – skip this part if you can’t deal with dog poop issues!* We rushed him to the vet as soon as he had a watery bowel movement (after days of not passing one) with blood! We were terrified – my S.O immediately left work to rush Pugs to the vet. The vet didn’t seem TOO worried as he’s had a long history of GI issues, but mentioned this was the worst he seems to have ever been (aside from him foreign object obstruction… But that’ soft another day). I just happen to make these occurrences worse by worrying too much and sometimes even crying about it. Yes, I cried this time! Our vet gave him subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, and antacids to take for a few days along with prescription dog food.

Pugsley ignored the prescription dog food and put up a fight to take the pills, so I tricked him with some boiled skinless chicken – he literally almost bit my hand off when I offered it to him. It was his first time EVER having any kind of human food. Very long story short, he’s since recovered and he’s back to his normal self. Again.

Phew, that was a long one.


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