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Spring Buys!

Happy spring! (kind of)

It seems mother nature has been stubborn and has no interest in bringing us NY and New Jerseyans any warm weather anytime soon. However, I did just come back from a week-long spring break. 😉

Its time to do a quick recap on none other than the don, Pugsley. I’ve purchased some products for fun, and also have been trying alternative therapies for his anxiety.

Chew toys – the PetSafe Busy Buddy Ultra Woofer Dog Toy in large. Needless to say, Pugsley isn’t the aggressive chewer I thought he was. This toy was far too large, heavy and roll-y! It made a loud thudwhen he would drop it. When it would roll toward him he’s cower. Do I have a scaredy cat on my hands!?

Anxiety – I’ve tried a few things, actually! Since the Prozac that the vet prescribed clearly made him aggressive, I looked into aromatherapy. I picked up a chamomile essential oil sample from a local health food store here by my job. The sales associate put the sample in a small clear plastic container – one you’d put condiments in. Once I got home, the essential oil melted through the first layer of plastic!

I was super hesitant to apply it behind Pugsley’s ears and belly.. but I did, and while the scent was overwhelming for me, it seemed to work for my pup. He seemed calmer, yet he also looked like he had a headache. Or maybe it was just me who had the headache from the smell. After that one time, I decided to try a less intense aromatherapy, so I tried Organic Lavender Hydrosol. Pugsley reacted better to this. However, we use the hydrosol in conjunction with Dog Supplies Calming For Small Dogs and his Thundershirt. A lot, I know, right? Whatever works. Car rides are still a B, though.

11068867_10205770798252016_1992308422_nGrooming – we recently discovered a new grooming spot in the town over from ours. The drive there is less stressful as we on’t need to take the highway, but Pugsley is still a whiny in the car. (To combat that in the future, I got a Dog Adjustable Car Automotive Seat Safety Belt Vehicle Seatbelt. We have yet to try it.) This new spot, Dusty’s Dog House has the works – daycare, boarding, grooming and training. My favorite part is the camera access to play spaces! We took him to get groomed and he looked like a completely different dog! It took some getting used to when we saw our big fluff all naked and shaved down. We usually shave him down once a year for hygiene reasons, anyway. Another thing I really liked about Dusty’s was that its on a strip where there are barely any people. He was able to bark like a maniac to his heart’s content. Funny thing is, when he did, the owner took a peek out his window! Ha!


2 thoughts on “Spring Buys!”

  1. He won’t be as terrified of the car if you take him on fun trips. He associates the car with the groomer or the vet if that’s the only destinations for car trips.


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