About Me

My Name is Kenna, pronounced like “Jenna,” except with a ‘k.’ I’m a twenty-four eight year old Jersey Girl; A Jersey City native, to be exact!

I have many hopes for this blog. Mainly, I hope to chronicle my life after college and the transition into my first real-world job in the big city (NYC), which for many of you know, living across the [Hudson] River is enough for a New Jerseyan.

I’m a DIY-er and I love to cook. I hope to try new recipes and/or projects here and there to share with you guys, but I’m not making any promises of five star plates!

I’m also a dog mom and I definitely splurge here and there on dog products where others may not. I’m an avid reviewer and commenter – Yelp, Amazon, Twitter, etc. I give credit where credit is due, and definitely love to share cool finds. I may also end up posting way too many photos of my uber-adorable yet manic dogs, Pugsley and Benny.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog!


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. New Jersey? If you follow the NY-NJ line across the Hudson, you’ll hit where my Dad grew up (did He?). Dobbs Ferry. He hasn’t been back for 15 years because She refuses to fly.


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