Dog Mom

Unsurprisingly, I loved dog-mom life so much…

We got a second dog! His name is Benny and he’s the cutest mutt ever. He’s a medium-sized guy with whose sentience leaves me in awe. Never in my life have I ever been this much of an animal person as when I have taken on the responsibility of caring for some thing. Here’s Benny and Pugsley ringing in the New Year!

My party animals on NYD!

I’m a dog mom and I love it.

I’ve had my Pugsley for two and a half years now. He is literally my child. And while you skim through my pet reviews and about how knowledge-less I am about dogs, please don’t judge me. Here’s our story.

My parents have a family dog named Lucy, I love her. She is a sandy-colored Yorkie and Scottie mix. She’s well-behaved and not much of a barker. We had her for about two years before I moved out, and soon thereafter, my little brother’s (he’s twelve years younger than me!) relationship with her has been amazing. She’s like the little sister he’s never going to get. They get lazy together and break the biggest house rule – no sleeping on the leather couches…with the dog.

Fast forward a few more months. I’m sitting in class, daydreaming, and browsing Facebook when my mom posts this photo:

photo (1)

I fell in love right at this moment, sitting in a college English Lit course. I immediately commented, telling my mom I’d be by after class to meet this puppy. My mom replied no, because she was the middleman, holding on to him to give to another friend, from another friend. Of course, I didn’t listen. I met and held him, and decided I wanted him. Forever.

My mom decided that she’d give me a week to spend with him to decide if this is what I really wanted. I knew I wanted this fuzzy little creature, I never returned him.

Pugsley is the “nephew” of our family dog, Lucy. He, too, is a Yorkie and Scottie mix. They are completely different in coloration and temperament, but they are definitely from the same gene pool! They’re both uber lovable. Pugsley is extremely protective of me and immediately stands in front of me (ready to attack, although there’s no actual threat! Ha!) when Gary and I get into a tiff. He’s also a serious cuddlebug, which I love!

As I’ll continually remind you all, I’m no dog or pet expert. I roll with the punches and rely on my vet or the internet to reveal all these dog things to me, and that’s okay, as long as I’m doing what I can to keep this dog happy and healthy!

(Here’s my sleepy pup).

Pugsley loves toys. I try to get him new treats and toys here and there to keep him from getting bored, even if I have to spend a little extra. I frequent Amazon as well as local pet boutiques, Beowoof and Cornerstone Pets. I can go on about these stores, but I’ll save it for an actual post!



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